Since Sunday 12 July we've started limited meetings in person again with social distancing and other measures to protect against the risks of spreading coronavirus. We're aware that not everyone can get out in person, so we're still live streaming our services on our website and YouTube channel.

Our Sunday meetings are the centre of our church life are our Sunday services, where we meet together to worship God, to strengthen believers, and to proclaim Jesus Christ to all. Our services are informal in style and involve praying, singing, reading and listening to a talk from the Bible. Whether you'd call yourself a Christian or you're just looking we'd love you to join us - there will be other people in the same situation. There's no dress code - wear whatever you're most comfortable in. We try and avoid complicated religious language, and we try and explain the reason for everything we do.

Sunday mornings

Our main meeting is on Sunday morning at 10:30.

During the first part of this service the children and young people stay in the room, and there's usually a short talk that is relevant to them. Over the last year we've worked our way through a set of questions and answers about what Christians believe. Half-way through the service the children go through to the back rooms for 'Outback': age-appropriate Bible teaching and activities. Unfortunately these activities can't run at the moment due to coronavirus, so children will need to stay with their parents.

Meanwhile the adults stay in the church to hear a talk explaining the Bible passage for the week, what it tells us about Jesus and what it means for our lives. At the moment we all need to leave quickly, but we look forward to one day being about to stay around afterwards to chat over tea, coffee and biscuits in the back hall.

Sunday evenings

Our evening services are a smaller gathering held at 6:30pm in the back hall. Tea and coffee is served beforehand from 6:00pm. The format is similar to the morning, but the children stay in the service rather than going out to groups. Sunday evening services are paused for the time being due to coronavirus, but instead we have a whole church prayer meeting via Zoom. For details, please email Mark on

The Lord's Supper

We normally celebrate the Lord's Supper twice a month, once in the evening and once in the morning. This will follow on after the normal service, with a short break in between for those who'd like to leave. All who know and love the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour are invited to share the bread and the wine. If that's not you, you're warmly invited to stay and watch as we remember Jesus' death in our place.