We're getting some building work done to improve disabled access to our building.

What will happen to Sunday services?

From Sunday 1 May our main Sunday service will be back at the church at the normal time of 10:30am. While the work continues in the main chapel we'll be meeting in the back hall.

Our Sunday evening service will return to its normal time of 6:30pm.

What work is being done?

The work will involve removing the middle rooms in the church, and rebuilding them at the same level as the bottom hall. We will then install a ramp from the church into the bottom hall.

As a result the door from the chapel into the rear rooms will move from the centre of the stage to the left hand side of the front of the chapel.

We will be improving the ramp to the bottom door, and making sure that all external doors have low thresholds, so wheelchair users can get in and out easily.

How long will the work take?

The work started on the 21st of February, and is estimated to take up to 12 weeks.