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Records retention policy

  1. All data and records will be stored in accordance with the security requirements of the Data Protection Legislation and in the most convenient and appropriate location having regard to the period of retention required and the frequency with which access will be made to the record.

  2. Data and records which are active should be stored in the most appropriate place for their purpose commensurate with security requirements.

  3. Data and records which are no longer active, due to their age or subject, should be stored in the most appropriate place for their purpose or destroyed.

  4. The degree of security required for file storage will reflect the sensitivity and confidential nature of any material recorded.

  5. Any data file or record which contains personal data of any form can be considered as confidential in nature.

  6. Data and records should not be kept for longer than is necessary. This principle finds statutory form in the Data Protection Legislation, which requires that personal data processed for any purpose "shall not be kept for longer than is necessary for that purpose". All staff, trustees, volunteers and members of the Church are required to have regard to the Guidelines for Retention of Personal Data attached hereto.

  7. Any data that is to be disposed must be safely disposed of for example by shredding. Any group which does not have access to a shredder should pass material to the church administrator, Jill Clarridge, who will undertake secure shredding.

  8. Special care must be given to disposing of data stored in electronic media. Guidance will be given by the Church Leadership team to any group which has stored personal data relating to its members on for example personal computers which are to be disposed of.

Data protection complaints process

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Crockenhill Baptist Church is an independent congregational church. Under Christ, we are governed by the church members, and led by the officers they appoint.

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The members' handbook outlines how the church is run, how to become a member, and what is expected of members.

Our pastor, Mark Drury, works full time for the church and is responsible for praying for us, preaching God's word to us and leading us to grow in our faith.

To ensure the church is run biblically, wisely, and in compliance with charity law, the church has a constitution. This constitution is summarised for members in the Members' Handbook. Additionally, to care for the church's members and visitors to its activities, the church has adopted several specific policies in different areas.

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