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We're a family of people committed to living together under the authority of the Bible, who exist to worship God, strengthen believers and proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to all.

There are about 50 of us on a Sunday in person, with more following on online. We're from different nationalities, backgrounds and ages from 5 to 85! The one thing that unites us is our love for Jesus Christ and our gratefulness for his amazing rescue.

When do we meet?
Who are we?
What kind of church are we?

When do we meet?

We meet together each Sunday morning at 10:30am to worship God, learn from the Bible, and enjoy fellowship with one another. We meet again on Sunday evenings for a service with a focus on prayer. We meet during the week in each other's homes for deeper Bible study, applying what God says to our lives.

We meet to worship God together as a church every Sunday at 10:30am. Services involve reading the Bible, praying, singing and hearing God's word preached.

We meet on Sunday evenings at 6pm for a service mostly focussed on prayer, with a shorter sermon and fewer songs than in the morning.

Our weekly small group Bible studies.

We usually run groups for everyone from toddlers to pensioners so that we can tell as many people as possible the amazing news about Jesus and what he's done for us.

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Who are we?

A loving community...

Church is so much more than what takes place in organised groups and services. We want to be a church who support one another when times are tough, and who encourage one another to live the Christian life 24/7, to grow more and more like Jesus, and to show those we rub shoulders with every day something of the love of God.

...of ordinary people...

Our church is made up of people of all ages and backgrounds. In fact, people just like you! So whether you'd call yourself a Christian or you're just looking, we'd love to get to know you.

We want people to become active followers of Jesus Christ, so as a church we provide opportunities for everyone to learn, serve and grow in their faith.

...who have been saved by Jesus,...

We know that we all naturally rebel against God. We want to live life our own way, putting ourselves first. But God promises that our way leads to destruction. Thankfully, in his infinite love for us, God sent his Son - Jesus - to rescue us from certain death.

Jesus paid the penalty for our rebellion against God in his death on the cross, brought us back to a restored relationship with God our Father, and now lives in us by his Holy Spirit, guiding our lives day by day.

...who take the Bible seriously,...

If you come to our services you'll notice we spend a lot of time reading and explaining the Bible. We believe the Bible is God's perfect word to us - it's how he speaks into our everyday lives. When we hear the Bible preached God speaks to our hearts by his Spirit and forms us to be more and more like Jesus.

We want the Bible to inform everything we do. From our praying and singing on Sunday to working in the office on Monday. From bringing up our children to loving our friends.

...and who want to tell everyone about Jesus.

We know we've been given a wonderful gift by God, and we don't want to keep it to ourselves! Much of our energy as a church is spent on telling people the good news that they too can be rescued from death and brought into the eternal life of Christ.

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What kind of church are we?

An evangelical church

We believe that the gospel (evangel in Latin) is the good news of salvation to all people through Jesus Christ.

We believe that the gospel centers on the death of Jesus Christ on the cross in our place.

We believe that the gospel is revealed in the Bible, God's perfect word to us.

For more detail on what we believe, see our statement of faith .

A baptist church

Our church started life as "Union Chapel", a mixture of Baptists and Congregationalists.

These days we're a Baptist church. That means we think the Bible teaches adults should be baptised (the word just means dunked in water) when they come to trust in Jesus Christ for salvation.

Although adult baptism is our practice, we still have some members who think that children should also be baptised. We're happy to join together as a family working to reach people for Christ. We don't require members to be baptised as adults where they believe their infant baptism is biblical.

An independent church

Despite being a Baptist church, we're not a member of the Baptist Union or the Association of Grace Baptist Churches .

In fact, we're not part of any denomination. We are run and entirely financially supported by our members: ordinary local people.

We don't want to isolate ourselves from Christians in other places though. We are affiliated with the Fellowship of Evangelical Churches , a nationwide group of like-minded churches.

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Our pastor, Mark Drury, works full time for the church and is responsible for praying for us, preaching God's word to us and leading us to grow in our faith.

What we believe as a church, complete with Bible references

The good news of Jesus Christ

Data protection complaints process

Crockenhill Baptist Church is an independent congregational church. Under Christ, we are governed by the church members, and led by the officers they appoint.

To ensure the church is run biblically, wisely, and in compliance with charity law, the church has a constitution. This constitution is summarised for members in the Members' Handbook. Additionally, to care for the church's members and visitors to its activities, the church has adopted several specific policies in different areas.

The members' handbook outlines how the church is run, how to become a member, and what is expected of members.

Our policies

In order to care for the members of the church and visitors to its activities, the church has adopted a number of policies:

Safeguarding policy

Our safeguarding policy outlines how we work to keep children and vulnerable adults safe.

Positive behaviour policy

Our positive behaviour policy guides how we make sure our childrens' groups are safe and fun for all involved.

Privacy notice

Our privacy notice summarises how we use data and keep it safe.

Data protection policy

A detailed policy on using data and keeping it safe.

Information security policy

How we store information safely.

Records retention policy

Our policy on retaining and destroying records.

Data breach policy

Our policy on what to do in the event of a data breach.

Data protection complaints process

What to do if you have a complaint about our handling of your data.