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Mark Drury

Make the most of every opportunity

Praying for the proclamation of Christ

Give thanks

Singing to God with gratitude

God made us alive in Christ

Put on the new self

Putting to death your sinful nature

Christ is your life

Persistant prayer

Freedom in Christ

Fullness, forgiveness, and freedom in Christ

Lost and found

In Christ alone

Contending for the gospel

6 ways we can show unity in the church

  • 4 February 2024
  • Evening
  • Mark Drury
  • Philippians 2:1-13

The standard of ministry

The gospel of perseverance

Be faithful

Lively but dead

God is for us

Praying for the proclamation of the gospel

  • 31 December 2023
  • Evening
  • Mark Drury
  • Colossians 4:2-6

Reconciling the alienated

The supremacy of the Son of God

Peace with God

Your first love

Faithful preaching

Conclusion: doctrine and duty

Giving thanks for faith, love, and hope

Avoid foolish arguments

Grace and peace to the church in Colossae

Saved to do good works

Relating to rulers

Why be godly?

Good relationships

False teaching

Elders in every town


The book of life

Is love futile?

Robbing God

Purifying the people of God

Faithfulness in marriage

Losing sight of God's love

The widow's land restored

Listen to the message of grace

Unseen support

A floating axe-head

Free grace

Unexpected grace

A God who cares

The judgement of God

Gracious healing

A double portion

Come, Lord Jesus!

Eden restored (partial recording)

The heavenly city

The new heavens and the new earth


The Lord is a warrior

The millenium

The wedding supper of the Lamb

Satan divided

Lamenting Babylon's fall

The beast and the kings

Babylon the great

The bowls of wrath

Great and marvelous

A terrible harvest

The three angels

The 144,000

Beastly worship

Beastly power

The two messengers

A sweet and sour message

Trumpets of woe

Prayerful silence

Christians protected

The Lamb and the Six Seals

God on the throne

What the Spirit says to the churches

John's vision of Jesus

Revelation: a prologue

Food that lasts

Remaining true to God

If only you knew

Confidence in Christ's victory

Look and live

Relating to others in the church

How husbands should love their wives

An invitation to come and follow

The certain hope of glory

Suffering and Glory

Making a difference for God in the workplace

Motto Text 2020

God's purposes never fail

Joy to the world

A strategy for making an impact on society

Chosen and precious

The ministry of the Holy Spirit - part 2

The ministry of the Holy Spirit - part 1

The believer's inner struggle

A defence of the law

Loving sincerely and deeply

Married to Christ

Motivations for striving towards holiness

How great a salvation

Slaves to God

Dead to sin and alive to God

What is being a Christian all about?

The purpose of trials

Who represents you before God?

An introduction to 1 Peter

3 blessings that flow from being justified

The rich young ruler pt 2

How to pray in times of trouble

The rich young ruler

Surprised by God

Saving righteousness

Christian certainties

We've got questions for you, pastor!

Heart circumcision is what we need!

Praying for one another

A word for critical moralisers

Confidence in prayer

Is God angry with you?

Eternal life in God's Son

Have I got news for you

The three tests

Six grounds of assurance

The ascension of Jesus

The love of God

'I am the Resurrection and the Life'

Jesus Predicts His Death

  • 7 April 2019
  • Morning
  • Mark Drury
  • Mark 8:31-33, 9:30-37, 10:32-34

The threat to Christian assurance

What things shape and influence us?

  • 31 March 2019
  • Morning
  • Mark Drury
  • 2 Timothy 1:3-7

Being on the right side of history

Two ways, two destinies

Learning to be content

The peace of God

Who do we love?

In God's gymnasium


Important words of encouragement


Weary in doing good

They will call him Immanuel

Looking at the waves

Where is your faith?

A fear of the future

That one sin

A true foundation

Drawing near to God

A General Consideration

The death of Abraham

God speaks to his people at Sinai

The man of faith experiences bereavement

Faith on Trial

Sharing the work for the sake of the gospel

He is Worthy of our Praise

God is at work in our lives!

  • 2 September 2018
  • Evening
  • Mark Drury
  • Romans 8:18-39

Who are the great inheritors?

Tell all the world of Jesus

God's Grace to His People

Spiritual Warfare and Prayer

God's Promise in Jeopardy

Christ our Rock

Beware of Danger

Intercessory Prayer

The Lord Will Provide

Nothing is Too Hard for the Lord

Thank God for times of testing

God's Purposes for the Believer

The Song of Salvation

Taking matters in our own hands

God delivers

"I'll stake my life on it"

God's Gift of Righteousness

Do this in remembrance of me - part 2

God's story

Do this in remembrance of me (Part 1)

When faith is tested

Saved by the blood of the Lamb

God's initial dealings with Abraham

Knowing the Peace of God

  • 15 April 2018
  • Morning
  • Mark Drury
  • Philippians 4:6-7

A Show of Divine Glory

The Risen King

Thomas and the Risen King

The King of Love

The Welcomed King

A Festival to Observe Esther

The sign of victory

Being A Spiritual Mother

No more excuses - go!

The Day of Battle

The King's Decrees

Judgement day

Responding to God's call

Prepared for Service

Weakening Pride And Cultivating Humility

Fulfilling promises

Facing A Great Challenge

Marks of the Christian servant

The amazing providential working of God

Doing church in an orderly and edifying way

What Influenced Our Great King?

Our Great King

Elders and Deacons - Part 2

Church and unbelievers

Elders and Deacons - Part 1

Worshipping to please God

A Five-Fold Harvest

God's Indescribable gift

The Unpardonable Sin

Jesus Speaks to His Disciples

Teaching God's Word

Learning to Pray

Fleeing Idolatry in a World of Idols

Saved To Serve

Saved to Serve

How Shall We Run?

A glimpse of Jesus' glory

Three Important Questions

Eternal Life in Jesus

The Stakes Couldnt Be Higher!

Lesson in Serving Jesus

New and Glorious Bodies

Jesus' Cry of Dereliction

Jesus has the power to make us clean

How Jesus Love His Mother

Christian Liberty

Jesus' Power to Deliver

If Only My Circumstances Were Different

Trusting Jesus through the storms

Hearing and doing

Divine guidelines around marriage

Facing doubt

Marriage, singleness and celibacy

Jesus has the power over death

The body is for the Lord

The faith of the centurion

Is Jesus Lord?

Motto Text 2017

Christmas Day 2016

A Willing Heart

Lessons in Church Discipline

A faithful spiritual father

The need for a new heart

Three Areas of Self-Examination

What is Christian discipleship?

A Call to Show Mercy

Relating to our enemies

A radical kind of love

Faithful stewardship

Blessings and Woes

Get Wisdom

Blessings and woes

The value of God's church

Choosing and training church leaders

Enoch - the man who walked with God

Building the right way

Jesus, Harvest and the Sabbath

Give Glory to Whom Glory is Due

Law and Grace, Old Wine and New

A Loving Rebuke and a Challenge to Grow

Jesus, Christians and Fasting

The First Man to Walk with God

Jesus came in order to forgive sinners

God's Wisdom revealed by the Spirit

A powerful ministry

Jesus, the fisher of men

Weak and foolish Christians

The power and authority of Jesus

The greatness of God's foolishness

Preparing people to meet Jesus

The Boy Jesus

Grace abounding

It's all about Jesus!

Sharing our faith

What is God like?

Jesus the Joy-Giver

The greatness of Mary's son

Now is the time

The promised time has arrived

A time for confession

Introducing Luke's gospel

A call to serve the Lord

  • 17 April 2016
  • Evening